Playful Penguins & Friends | June 19 – June 23 | 2017

ppf (4 of 4)

They’re both really curious!

ppf (2 of 4)

Camp buddies are the best 🙂

ppf (3 of 4)

Creative crafts!


Did you really go to camp if you didn’t get a photo by the sign?

playful penguines and friends (1 of 1)

What a cute group!

PPF (2 of 6)

Craft time got a little messy today!

PPF (3 of 6)

I see you over there!

PPF (4 of 6)

Ready to feed some penguins!

PPF (5 of 6)

Penguins might like them, but I don’t think that’s a great meal for kids!

PPF (6 of 6)

He’s ready to eat!

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